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Identify Your IP

Use ID your IP®, Traklight's self-guided questionnaire to identify your potential IP, and then receive your custom IP reports with recommended next steps.


Securely Store Your IP

Use the IP Vault®, Traklight's secure file storage system to upload all of your sensitive IP and business documents to one convenient location.


Stop giving away billable hours.

With Traklight's legal technology software platform, attorneys instead generate additional revenue from pre-qualified, educated clients. By identifying IP, pinpointing contract needs, and uncovering legal issues, we provide a scaleable method to streamline your client intake process and increase the number of high-quality clients you see.

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Traklight Practice Development For Lawyers


"By offering a unique software solution to entrepreneurs, Traklight provides qualified referrals who know their business needs. I love that clients who have used Traklight's software are already educated about their intellectual property assets and the importance of IP protection."

—Maria Crimi Speth, Shareholder, Jaburg & Wilk, P.C. Attorneys at Law

Is securing intellectual property part of your business strategy?

More than 90% of a startup's value is in trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and patents. Identify your intellectual property before you settle on your business name, before you hire help on a handshake, and before you start marketing. Let Traklight’s simple, self-guided ID your IP questionnaire walk you through the IP identification process and help you develop a strategy for securing it.

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Case Study: Infusionsoft


"Wow! I wish had Traklight's software and resources when we first started our company. We trusted an invention development company and it did not go well. We lost time to market and money. 

Traklight now has us tracking our protected IP and following an IP strategy to identify and protect our business as we launch."

—Paulette Daniele, Entrepreneur



How do you capture your innovation?

100% of businesses have intellectual property. Our Traklight professionals provides a high-level review of your innovation processes and conduct quarterly check-ins to assist your team in implementing the best practices outlined. We provide IP strategy, industry tips, and cost-effective referrals to providers (including attorneys) and services. 


Case Study: Infusionsoft



"Traklight helped subside my IP fears. ID your IP outlined all my potential IP, tips on IP protection, warnings about potential IP risks, and practical next steps for my business."

—Ellen Laux, Founder & CEO, Leregistrie



Practice Safe Crowdfunding

Practice Safe Crowdfunding

Don't give your ideas away! Before you crowdfund, learn why you always identify and protect your IP. 


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100% of businesses have IP. Many are not aware they have it. Find out if you are at risk of losing it all. 


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Our ID your IP questionnaire and custom reports make it easy to identify your IP.


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