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What's Your IP Worth?

Identify your IP

IP is so much more than patents. Protect yourself and your business with our custom generated ID your IP reports.


Is your IP protected?

Your IP is a valuable asset. Get IP Vault storage for secure protection from those who want to steal your ideas.


How can working with Traklight benefit your firm?

"By offering a unique software solution to entrepreneurs, Traklight provides qualified referrals who know their business needs. I love that clients who have used Traklight's software are already educated about their intellectual property assets and the importance of IP protection."

- Maria Crimi Speth, Shareholder, Jaburg & Wilk, P.C. Attorneys at Law

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Traklight partners with attorneys to provide cost-effective, online intellectual property (IP) identification tools and resources that help identify and address the IP needs of your clients.

Learn how Traklight can help you pre-qualify potential clients, leverage technology to reach more potential clients, and better serve existing clients. Call us at 866-828-0621 to have one of our Client Engagement Specialists schedule a 30-minute demo.

How can Traklight's online tools set you up for success?

"I had the opportunity to browse your website, complete my ID your IP, and provide you with some feedback. The website is superb, and is loaded with valuable resources and information! I especially like how you can upload any documents into the IP Vault."

- Nicolas Neve, Entrepreneur

Where is your intellectual property?

The beginning stages of a venture are the most critical times for a business. Decisions are made that set the trajectory for failure or success. Identifying your intellectual property (IP) makes you a healthier and better protected venture. Get started with ID your IP® and discover your IP and IP strategy.

Traklight helps you secure and protect the intellectual property (IP) in your small business.

"Traklight helped subside my IP fears. ID your IP outlined all my potential IP, tips on IP protection, warnings about potential IP risks, and practical next steps for my business."

Ellen Laux, Founder & CEO, Leregistrie

What is your IP strategy? How do you capture your innovation?

Our Traklight professionals provide a high-level review of your innovation processes and conduct quarterly check-ins to assist your team in implementing the best practices outlined. We provide IP strategy, industry tips, and cost-effective referrals to providers (including attorneys) and services.

Practice Safe Crowdfunding

Practice Safe Crowdfunding

Don't give your ideas away! Before you crowdfund, learn why you always identify and protect your IP. 


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100% of businesses have IP and many don’t know it. Discover your IP by taking our brief–and free–risk quiz. 


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