Here is an overview of our three products:

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ID your IP

  • For business owners, entrepreneurs, and innovators
  • Decreases business risk by identifying intangible assets
  • Allows owners to capture the full potential value of their businesses
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IP Vault

  • For business owners, professionals, advisors, and investors
  • Provides secure file-sharing and protection of sensitive data
  • Acts as a legitimate, independent tool for verification purposes
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Traklight Pro

  • For attorneys, advisors, investors, and more
  • Quickly qualifies leads and identifies clients' potential intangible assets
  • Frees up time and increases revenue and referrals

ID Your IP


Annual fee

ID your IP software platform includes:

  • A dynamic self-guided questionnaire
  • Unlimited updates for one year
  • Free encrypted Basic Vault

Generates five reports:

IP Diagnostic
Visually presents your existing and potential intangibles

IP Risk Chart
Virtually assesses your current risk, including red flags

IP Strategy Report
Gives next steps with detailed recommendations

IP Inventory
Details all registered IP

IP Snapshot
Presents a full report of your existing intangible assets and potential IP


IP Vault

Safely secure and share your sensitive business files.

Why care about document sharing?


Traklight Pro

Increase revenue and better serve your clients.

Ask how Traklight Pro can help.