Why We Started Traklight

In law school, our founder Mary Juetten was shocked by how many businesses ignored or accidentally infringed on others' intellectual property (IP). She learned that these behaviors were due to a lack of understanding IP and a fear of attorney costs.

So Mary launched Traklight - a simple and affordable way to identify, manage, and protect valuable intangible assets including IP.

Our values: We are Geese. We are Bees. We are Wolves.

Our team

Mary Juetten

Founder/CEO -
Driven, Well-travelled, Mum

Shay Harding

VP Technology -
Diligent, Inventive, Dog-lover

Philip Juetten

Strategic, Focused, Hiker

Mike Willee

Operations Coordinator -
Committed, Witty, GFOP

Ashley Hoekstra

Online Media Intern -
Skier, Outdoorsy, Netflix-obsessed

Char Bohnett

Copy Czar -
Assertive, Wordsmith, Foodie

Advisory Board

The advice they contribute to the Traklight team is an invaluable part of our success, and we truly could not do it without them.

Dan Tyre

An authority on inbound marketing and sales, Dan is a regular speaker, writer, and coach to those who yearn for inbound success.

Barbara Clarke

Social Entrepreneur
A social entrepreneur and angel investor with a passion for IP identification and valuation.

Nnamdi Okike

645 Ventures
A venture fund founder and investor in technology and internet companies.

Marc Chesley

Chief Executive Officer at Lavu, guitar player, and attorney.


We love geeking out over intangible assets and IP. Come join us!

Our Partners

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