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ID your IP is a self-guided questionnaire that identifies and catalogs all of your intellectual property and spots potential trouble areas for your business. Identify and resolve common stumbling blocks like trademarks versus domain names; pitfalls of hiring contracts; and trade secret protection. For $199, you get access to the platform for one year to update it as often as you'd like. You'll also get access to our IP Vault® to upload sensitive documents with the ability to share with a trusted advisor or colleague.  

Don't risk it all. You cannot protect what you don't know you have. Get Traklight's risk management software today to reduce risk and maximize business value.

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Laurel's Case Study – learn why you need to identify your intangible assets

"I knew in starting my business that I had signed up to be a learner. But as the owner of a brick and mortar juice shop, IP never once crossed my mind. From concept and strategy, to branding and recipes, Traklight illuminated for me just how crucial it is to protect the different facets of the work we do."

Laurel McConville
Founder, Nectar and Green

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