Traklight Resources

Risk assessment, IP identification and protection are just the start; below are resources to help your business maximize value and mitigate risk on your way to success.


  • Taking the Plunge Into Entrepreneurship; How to Dive In Intelligently. by Jennifer Hill
  • Trade Secrets: You have them! Here is how to protect them. by Nicole Druckrey
  • Melissa Jaffe: Leverage Your IP Assets
  • Protecting your Business Ideas: Why Should You Care? by Jennifer Hill
  • Why Marketers and Businesses Should Care About Copyrights
  • Why Marketers Should Care About IP by Sharon Toerek
  • Health and Wellness Tips by Lani Anderson
  • Women Inventorz Network: How They Captured the Market and Why Innovation Starts Here
  • Is Your Business at Risk? 10 Tips to Manage Risk and Maximize Value with Early Growth Financial Services
  • Crowdfunding: How to Build a Crowdfunding Campaign with Early Growth Financial Services
  • Top 10 Risks for Businesses with Trinet
  • IP 101: Why Care About Intellectual Property with SCORE
  • How to Prepare to Sell or Finance Your Company
  • Key Performance Indicators: Measure Measure Measure
  • Minimize Your Client's Risk: From Intellectual Property to Cash Flow
  • LegalTech - Protect Your Business & IP
  • Don't Risk it All: Ten Tips For Maximizing Business Value
  • Intellectual Property 101: How To Leverage Intangible Value For Your Client